Frog Fights With Buddies

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Frog Fights With Buddies


Frog Fights With Buddies is one of the top multiplayer io games online where the goal is to kick the other frog into the water by jumping from one leaf to another.

You should give Frog Fights With Buddies a try right away after learning how to play it from the next section of the post since it is one of the greatest new online multiplayer io games for kids and adults alike that we are glad to share with you here for free!

Choose a name and icon, locate a match to meet new people, or make a private room for you and your friends. Opt for the VS Bot option if you want to play it offline. You will use the mouse to click when you want your frog to jump, but be aware that it will jump in the direction that the rotating leaves on the water are moving. Jumping from one leaf to the next is the only way to kick the other frog into the water and score points. Whoever scores the most points wins.

Online frog fights with friends are more entertaining than you might imagine, so give it a shot!


  • Excellent visuals
  • Theme of an informal, amiable frog
  • Easy controls
  • Playing with buddies in private rooms

How to play

Click to jump