Garden Tales 3


Garden Tales 3 is the most anticipated Match 3 game where you have to gather flowers, fruit,... to assist your gnome friend Willy in keeping the garden clear of weeds.

Take a trip around the lovely gnome garden environment in this bejeweled game. By switching two adjacent pieces of fruit, you can solve match-3 puzzles. A combination of three or more of the same kind must be produced by each swap.

Bombs and special bonus items are produced in combinations of four or more. A entire row or column will be removed when using the fruit with the glowing rings around them. Gather fruit baskets and treasures of wealth. To keep the gardens in bloom, remove the soil and ice areas.

Collect all of the bonus goodies and boosters strewn along the way as you travel around a lovely garden layout. In each level, you can obtain up to three stars. You can use these stars to open the gates and treasure chests you come across along the way.

It's enjoyable to sow, weed, and harvest. Now relax in your virtual garden for a while.

Release Date

September 2022




Web browser (desktop and mobile)

How to play

To switch objects, press the left mouse button.