Halloween Snake and Blocks

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Halloween Snake and Blocks


Halloween Snake and Blocks is an addictive game where you have to make the biggest Snake, eat the ball and score points by breaking the boxes.

Trouble has struck the orange snake. In the video game Halloween Snake and Blocks, you will aid her in getting away. On the screen in front of you, your snake will be visible. Its actions can be managed using the control keys. A signal will cause colored bricks to begin dropping from above. The inserted numbers are visible inside them. Your snake is under your control, so you'll have to direct it around the playing area. Making the snake doesn't run into any blocks is your responsibility. She must not even touch one of them or she will perish. On different parts of the playing area, there will be red dots and golden stars. You'll need to watch out that your snake gathers these things. You will receive points for choosing them in the Halloween Snake and Blocks game.

All mobile devices, including the iPhone, iPad, Samsung, and other Apple and Android operating systems, are supported by the free online game of Halloween snakes and blocks.

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Colorful blocks. Cool effects. Cute avatars to unlock.

How to play

Move your snake by dragging it with your mouse or finger.