Harvest Honors


Harvest Honors is an entertaining logic game in which you compete against others from all over the world by linking carrots to become the best farmer.

It's time to come to this farm for a fun puzzle to solve. How soon can you match every carrot in the Harvest Honors board game? As you attempt to establish your better green thumb, you'll go up against gamers from all over the world in competition. Can you collect more carrots in this charming multiplayer game than they can? The first player reaching 100 will win each round.

You'll need to move certain items out of the way in order to connect all of those tasty vegetables. The garden in this match-3 game is littered with various buckets, watering cans, and other objects. Fortunately, there are a ton of abilities and power-ups you can get that will actually aid in keeping you organized while you accomplish your goals. By completing unique tasks, you can earn coins to purchase a lot of things.


  • Addicting gameplay and adorable aesthetics
  • A list of the top players on a leaderboard
  • Beneficial skills and power-ups
  • Thrilling quests that pay off in coins
  • A fantastic chat tool that lets you communicate with other players



How to play

To search for matching products, use the mouse.

To organize them into groups of three or more, use the left click