Huggy Love And Rescue

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Huggy Love And Rescue


Huggy Love And Rescue is a fun adventure game. Help Huggy save the woman he loves! She needs to be rescued immediately because she is trapped in a dungeon.

Fans of Poppy Playtime Games are now encouraging to enjoy Huggy Love and Rescue, a running, racing, and puzzle game all in one, which will undoubtedly be a fantastic time for you to have from beginning to end.

You run and leap with Huggy using the arrow keys or the W, A, S, and D keys. You must get him to Kissy Missy in each level before the threshold bar runs out of time, or you lose. She was taken prisoner and is now dangling on a chain. Choose the best path to avoid all the hazards and traps and to go ahead of any other characters that might arrive and rush you in your pursuit of her.

To complete each level, pay close attention to the game's details and puzzles. To win the game, you must solve the puzzles at each level. If you sweeper time, you will lose rapidly. Good luck on each level, which gets progressively harder as you travel through it. Good fortune!

How to play

  • PC controls: To move and jump, use the keyboard arrows and WASD
  • Tablet and smartphone controls: To move and jump, tap the game buttons