Idle Coffee Business


Idle Coffee Business is an fun game to become a prosperous coffee shop business owner. To establish a coffee shop dynasty, start and manage your own coffee business.

Have you ever pondered what it might be like to run a prosperous coffee shop? You can practice it in the online game Idle Coffee Business. Using the money provided to purchase the first batch of coffee in the shop, purchase your first coffee recipe. Then, continue clicking and swiping to generate more money from it in order to purchase additional recipes, all of which will eventually result in you earning money even when you are not clicking.

If you want to make things even more lucrative, buy upgrades that increase your earnings per click. Apply the same principle to bean quality. Gaining awards as you advance is a benefit to your performance, and the higher the achievements, the better.

We wish you the best and hope you stay so you may play more and have more fun. You might even ask your friends to join you!


  • Beautiful visuals with a coffee shop motif
  • Use social media to increase sales at your coffee shop
  • Gameplay that is responsive to the shapes and sizes of all devices

Release Date

October 2022


Web browser (desktop and mobile)

How to play

To gain coins, drag the left mouse button.