Idle Miner Space Rush

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Idle Miner Space Rush


Idle Miner Space Rush is a fun idle game where you explore the planet while attempting to gather crystals on the moon and engaging in online competition.

Idle Miner Space Rush, a game created by Ubisoft for their collection of mini-games geared towards browser and mobile gaming, is fresh evidence that idle clicker games are more well-liked than ever. The ones that are usually even better tend to also belong to the miner games genre, and the fact that this one is set in space only makes it better!

You will be diligent on your miner abilities in this idle game. Since you and your opponents are sharing a finite amount of resources, your future is dependent on both your performance and that of your real-time opponents from all over the world. Your bag capacity, mine gathering speed, and digging speed all contribute to your overall success. You'll frequently stop here as you descend to gather the gleaming moonstones you spot. Once your bag is full, you must return to the surface base or locate one that is closer for convenience and leave your moonstones there so that you can continue mining more. You can improve your skills during that break so that you can return to the field as a more capable miner. When the timer expires, you'll be able to check how many moonstones you've collected and where you placed among the other players!


  • Playing IO against rivals from around the world in real time
  • Vibrant 2D graphics
  • Territory-specific and global leaderboards

How to play

Use the mouse or the arrow keys