Jet Rush


Jet Rush is a speed online game for you to experience exciting challenges, avoid all kinds of obstacles and reach the finish line as fast as you can to win.

Avoiding obstacles and gathering power-ups are your objectives. Continue on and make superb use of your boost if you want to succeed. In this game, collecting power-ups requires you to dodge obstacles. These abilities can help you continue rising if you reach the top of the scoreboard. Every one of the four distinct worlds contains a fresh level with slowly escalating difficulty. The player can select from two different airplanes, and while avoiding on-screen hazards, they must swiftly navigate through three-dimensional stages in their chosen aircraft. In-flight rockets and shields are two of the power-ups that are simple to get. The most challenging sections of the level may be completed with the aid of these power-ups. To win, just complete each level of this game while still having all of the stars available.

Playing this game with challenges Super Mario Bros, Stickman Battle Fight Warriors, Mister Noob Archer and Noob vs Pro 2: Jailbreak is a wonderful way to have new adventures.

How to play

To control and play, you use the mouse as well as the arrow keys and ASWD.