Jewel Christmas Story

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Jewel Christmas Story


Jewel Christmas Story is a very attractive game this Christmas. To win this game move at least three of the pine tree, candy, etc, and put them in line.

Do you enjoy playing video games? If you said yes, this game is for you! To clear the board, you must match three or more like-colored diamonds. The more you match, the more rewards you gain and the faster you may complete the level. For example, if you match four or more, you will receive a rocket that will assist you in clearing all of a row, and matching a bomb will assist you in destroying all of the surrounding cells. So, think twice before matching, and work hard to get as many points as possible! Isn't it straightforward? Let's see if you can go through each challenging level without running out of moves in the smallest amount of time.

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How to play

Arrow buttons or use the mouse to move when playing on the computer. If playing on the phone, surf on the screen.