Keep Zombie Away


Keep Zombie Away is a defensive, adventure, and strategy game. You must enter the safe home to ensure your survival while being pursued by terrible zombie monsters.

You are being pursued by terrible zombie monsters in the video game Keep Zombie Away, and you need to enter the safe house as fast as you can. After closing the door behind you and retiring to bed, reinforce the numerous safety measures you've done to ensure your survival. Dear. Please beef up the security in this room so you can withstand the invasion of zombies. You will suffer a humiliating defeat at the hands of the undead if you are unable to complete those upgrades.

You will prevail if you outlive all of the other players. Use the coins you earn to upgrade your defenses and to help you earn more coins. You can also buy weapons to use against zombies or to better defend yourself from them.

Make sure to stay alert and give it your all if you want to succeed since the requirements and monsters increase in difficulty and ferocity as you move through the levels. Good luck and consider telling your friends about this game as well; it would be a shame not to!

How to play

Use the mouse