Melting Ball


Melting Ball is a game with unique experiences that bring you moments of comfort. Are you ready to melt everything along the way and become a winner?

In the Melting Ball game, you must sprint along the road, destroy and melt everything as you can before crossing the finish line. Exactly, you will have to control a fireball by choosing the temperature for it and quickly moving it so that the ball can reach the finish line. Pay close attention and master this ball, you also need to quickly navigate around a variety of hazards and traps. The more objects you burn, the more points you are likely to earn. You are like a ball of fire and bring terror to everyone. The more things are melted, the more money you get, and use it to upgrade yourself and face the more difficult challenges behind. Good luck.

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How to play

Move the mouse and the ball also moves, let's make the ball melt everything in its path.