Pacman 30th Anniversary

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Pacman 30th Anniversary


Pacman 30th Anniversary is a classic adventure game in a mysterious labyrinth cellar and will you overcome all the ghosts in it without endangering your life?

You may choose the challenge you want to take on at the start of the game based on your ability level. On each level of the maze, a certain ghost will be there with you; if you wish to live, you must defeat and avoid that ghost. A tougher level cannot be reached until all previous levels have been finished by the player. You should be cautious of the following spirits:

  • Pinky: Pinky's sole goal in the game is to follow Man's directives when it comes to Pac.
  • Inky (light blue), who exclusively employs ghost characters, plays the game dangerously.
  • In the game, Blinky (red) loves to chase Pac-Man, but he adjusts his strategies to go more quickly and at Pac-speed.
  • Pac-Man is approached by Clyde (orange), who has just emerged from the box.

You swiftly change your course to enter the dispersion phase. Approach the bottom left corner of the maze with utmost caution. Each stage requires Pacman to go across the screen from left to right, consuming everything in his path. After that, he can view the following screen. Ghosts will kill players they capture if they pose a threat. After used up his entire life, you will be sent back to level 1, where you may start over.

When you conquer all levels of this game, you can continue your adventure in, Minecraft Trials, Mine Clone 4, and Paper.Io 2.

How to play

Use the mouse and arrow keys to move.