Parking Boats At Sea


Parking Boats At Sea is a fun puzzle games. You play a boatman in a situation when many boats are crowded onto one dock and want assistance to leave.

Welcome to Parking Boats at Sea. As you've probably already guessed, this game combines parking and puzzle games, but instead of doing it in a parking lot with cars as you might be used to doing, you'll be doing it on the sea, where a lot of boats are stuck in the same dock and need assistance getting out. You can help here, of course!

Use the mouse to move the other boats in different directions using the arrow keys to indicate whether you need to release the yellow boat from the other ones. Change the positions of the ships to safely arrive at your destination! Your mission of maritime fighting is expanding significantly. The game has several different components, such as a warship, storm, hunter, sea dog, rogue,... You won't be able to take your eyes off the game because to its gorgeously designed UI, vibrant sound, and vibrant colors. You will undoubtedly adore it if you enjoy War Thunder or World of Warships. Okay, let's get started and learn today!

How to play

To play, press the left mouse button