Penalty Kick Online


Penalty Kick Online is an addictive soccer game for those who love sports. You will enjoy the feeling of bringing glory to the team when taking penalty kicks.

The big moment and what decides the outcome of a soccer game are the penalties. In the incredibly thrilling game known as Penalty Kick Online, you'll take the role of a football player who has been awarded a penalty kick. Aim for as many goals as you can with your 15 shots. The object of this free-kick game is to put the ball over the opponent's goalkeeper's crossbar. A word of caution: A swipe that is too far risked missing it! As the levels progress, the number of goalkeepers increases, increasing the difficulty of the game! Five rounds of play are completed, and the team with the most goals wins! The penalty shootouts should be enjoyed as if you were watching the 2022 FIFA World Cup final. Play for the finest teams, and make the most jaw-dropping saves, to win the global championship. In order to rescue the squad, hold your breath, concentrate, and produce stunning shots.

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How to play

To make the shot, click and swipe the mouse but time it right to get the best shots.