Penguin Diner


Penguin Diner is a very hot entertainment game today. What if you owned a store that served funny penguins? Play now and enjoy the fun with your friends.

She became stranded on top of a mountain while exploring a remote part of Antarctica. Worse, she's completely bankrupt! Fortunately, she had recently been hired as a waitress at the highly popular Hill Top Cafe. In the first episode of the Penguin Diner series, she'll need to keep its angry customers happy and earn loads of tips while attempting to accomplish her daily goals. Customers will enter through the front door. Click on them, then on an empty table to seat them. When a client is ready to order, they will raise their flipper. When you click on them, they'll give you their order. The kitchen will begin to cook their dinner, and when it is finished, the dish will arrive on the counter! Bring the dish to the client by clicking it. Don't take too long, otherwise, the consumer may become impatient and depart. When a customer has finished dining, they will depart their table. Click on their table to clean it and get your tip!

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How to play

Click and start serving.