Santa Claus Jumping


Santa Claus Jumping is an addictive game for you. Let's transform into Santa Claus, jump over all obstacles and go to give gifts to everyone.

The Santa Claus Jumping game has several various settings such as ice, rock, crystal, and earth. Every mode has a unique visualization and fantastic diversity. This Christmas game provides a true 3D experience. This Christmas Free Games may be played by individuals of all ages, including children, elders, the elderly, and toddlers. Make the highest score in the world to become the world's number one. Have a wonderful Christmas vacation. To play this action game, acquire as many gifts as you can. To make Santa leap, simply click on the screen. When Santa gets close to the wall, click to make him jump against it and fall upside down on the upper screen. In two-player mode, each player will move their Santa by pressing a separate key, Z or M. The game is over when both Santas die. Click on the trophy symbol to see how you compare to other players in this Santa-themed online game.

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How to play

Simply press the play button to begin having fun.