Santa Parkour


Santa Parkour is an interesting game that combines jump games and Santa Claus. In the game, you will jump over the roofs and jump as far as possible.

Before we get into the game, know that you get daily coin rewards for returning to the game, you can open up loot boxes every fifteen minutes or by watching ads, you can buy new clothes for your Santa characters in the shop, and there are cards to collect through the game, and you can get all sorts of achievements through your actions. Tap to leap and tap longer to jump higher, avoiding falling between buildings because you lose money then and there, but also avoiding the numerous obstacles you meet, such as chimneys, because you lose coins by striking them head-on. As you progress over the buildings, your speed rises, therefore you must concentrate more. Try to achieve a higher score each time you go on a parkour run with Santa.

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How to play

Tap to play. The more you click, the farther and faster you jump.