Snowball Destroyer


Snowball Destroyer is a very special game for you to enjoy the moments of being Santa but not giving gifts but creating snowballs that destroy everything.

Snowball Destroyer is a fun holiday game for fans of snowball tossing! You play Santa Claus and toss snowballs at a snow-covered town. Throw it as hard as you can for the farthest possible distance! As soon as a snowball hits the ground, you may control it. Turn, increase the snowball, and avoid the ground and obstacles! The snowball must be hurled as hard as possible in order to travel as far as feasible. But that's not the end of the game. Every time the snowball runs, it means you have to destroy the surrounding objects such as trees, etc. You are going to destroy everything for money, and that money is used by you to upgrade and create stronger snowballs.

This game is too easy for you. Pixel Warfare, Block World, Kogama Minecraft, World Craft 2, and CrazySteve.io are always here to challenge your skills.

How to play

Left-click when you see the green light to make the strongest throw.