Super Spy Agent 46

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Super Spy Agent 46


Super Spy Agent 46 is a spy game with unexpected plot turns. You assume the role of Agent 46 who is tasked with infiltrating and dismantling a spy network.

We all knew that agent 47 is a professional assassin and a clone, but agent 46 was more well-known in the alternate universe, deadlier, louder, and undoubtedly more than just a beast when it comes to taking down the hordes of adversaries. He was the 46th clone created using the DNA of five distinct men. He was designed to be the perfect spy since he could maintain his physical and mental prowess for a very long time and could be easily subordinated to whoever they were devoted to, usually a handler. He received his name from this.

This is an virtual reality game with an espionage theme. The year is 2021, and according to the story, humanity has been compelled to live underground in pod-like bunkers in order to protect itself from an unpredictable outside environment. Players will assume the role of Agent 46, a member of a covert agency who has been tasked with looking into some odd activities at a former research site. As the titular agent, you'll carry out tasks while battling for world peace. To carry out his assignment as efficiently as possible, the agent is equipped with a variety of tools and abilities. When it comes to using the game's different weaponry, flexibility is a must.


  • A player is given two guns in the game
  • The graphics and material are both clear

How to play

  • Tap up the button Jump
  • Press the blue Fire Shift/C Activate Slo-Mo Time button
  • Enter/E Enter or exit vehicle Esc/P Pause
  • M Mute audio toggle