ZombieHunter.io brings you a real fight with the zombie army. You need to earn points to level up as fast as you can and try to be the last to survive.

The release of ZombieHunter.io

The computer entertainment business is still dominated by traditional multiplayer models. And we must admit that their success is undeniable. However, the lack of creativity is becoming more apparent than ever. And luckily, the creative brains of game publishers are constantly coming up with new ideas.

ZombieHunter.io is a unique and refreshing in-game experience. Instead of directing a single character, players will now even be able to command an entire army. Missions include investigating a post-apocalyptic metropolis infected with dangerous mutants. At the same time, we must rescue the remaining survivors and recruit them to our team. Do not hesitate to engage in violent gunfights with other groups and repel hordes of monsters. To win, you must be the strongest force on the server at the end of the match.

The uniqueness of ZombieHunter.io

The game developers have surprised fans. This is not a mere shooting game. Competition in ZombieHunter.io online combat is not the same as competing in traditional Deathmatch locations. In it, members of the crew immediately shot at the nearest target. The more players involved, the easier it was to defeat multiple opponents. Surprisingly, such a journey has attracted the attention of the gaming community. Moreover, we would like to offer the most outstanding features according to objective evaluation:

  • The unusual game involves recruiting warriors and competing against both human and AI opponents.
  • Epic skirmishes build as the round goes on
  • Diverse collection of guns with different ammo types and effects
  • 3D urban scene with amazing detail
  • Intuitive trendy cube style and realistic sound design
  • The finished product is extremely interesting and accessible, but also a bit difficult. It will appeal to both veterans and newcomers to the genre.

The gameplay of the game

The core purpose of this game is to survive as long as possible and at the same time need to destroy as many opponents as possible. To be able to move in the desired direction, use WASD. To get the same result, click and hold LMB while moving the mouse pointer. Run away with the F key to avoid the enemy's dangerous effects. The number of units in the party is determined by the current level. What's more, don't forget to collect XP orbs to enhance your character's strength. Please note that they sometimes appear randomly in many locations on the map. However, completely eliminating another squadron would bring about a lot of things at once.

Together, we're ready to embrace a compelling combination of tactical gameplay and engaging action. ZombieHunter.io is a completely free game and has strong appeal. It will be easy to open in a new browser tab without requiring any application to be installed. To reach the top of the leaderboard, you must defeat various fearsome enemies and hordes of the undead.


Is ZombieHunter.io safe to play?

Like any other Minecraft game, this tower defense version is appropriate for children of all ages.

Release Date?

ZombieHunter.io was Originally released September 2019


BinStudio created ZombieHunter.io. This rendition was inspired by DotJoy's Zombie Haters.


This game is available for free.

On the PC, use the arrow keys to play this game.

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How to play

  • To maneuver the character, use the WASD or arrow keys on the keyboard.

  • To increase the speed, press F.