Zonic Rush Toilet

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Zonic Rush Toilet


Zonic Rush Toilet is a pretty entertaining casual game. To win, assist the little hedgehog Zonic in rushing the restroom before time runs out.

In one of the best running and jumping games online this category has seen so far, Zonic Rush Toilet features Zonic, an alternate reality version of the famous Sonic character who is goofier and pink and who needs to get to the bathroom incredibly quickly or he will poop himself.

Before time runs out, assist young Zonic the hedgehog in getting to the restroom to win! The hedgehog is pressed for time! Before something terrible happened, he had to use the restroom. To assist the hedgehog, you must solve several problems in each level, but you must be extremely careful because you don't have much time!

The basic objective of each level is to get to the bathroom at the end of the course before it completely fills up, or else Zonic will poop himself and you lose.


  • It has platforming and adventure elements
  • It is a video game set in the Sonic and Toilets universe
  • Complete the puzzles on each game level
  • Get the highest possible score

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to move and leap, and the right mouse click to smash objects like boxes and other things in your path
  • Touch the game buttons on mobile devices to move, leap, and destroy boxes