Getting Over It


Getting Over It is a game that gives you moments of fun entertainment. You will experience the feeling of climbing with a hammer and countless other challenges.

The player-controlled figure in a platformer must leap and climb across dangling levels while avoiding hazards. Throughout the region, players must navigate difficult terrain of varying heights. To avoid their character from falling to their death or failing to complete necessary leaps, players frequently have some control over the height and distance of the leap. Getting Over It is, in actuality, a vertical mountain climbing clearance game with 2D cartoon game graphic animation. As an endless game, you must climb the mountain with your ore hoe and gather the gold coins. In this game, the rhythm of spinning the ore hoe is crucial. Other acrobatic feats, such as swinging from vines or grappling hooks or jumping from a skateboard or trampoline, can also be included in the game. You climb several colorful blocks and huge fruits like a cat in a plant pot. Use the hammer to carefully lean over challenging areas.

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How to play

To play this game, use your mouse to drag and move and climb.