Squid Soccer


Squid Soccer is an extremely interesting game for those who have a passion for football and love the movie Squid Game. Let's catch the ball and win medals.

Playing this game gives you the opportunity to transform into a Squid character. The film Squid Game has you curious. The movie's pink-clad characters are those who will completely destroy the losers of the game. However, in this sports game, the character Squid will transform into a goalie. The character can only be controlled by sliding the mouse. As you go to the desired spot to catch the ball, pay attention to the ball's path of travel. For each hit, points are given. To get the best score need to be objective. This game has no end. If you only succeed in catching the ball once, the game is ended. As your score grows, the worth of your medal also rises. By putting together medals, create a medal collection under the Won Medals section. One of three Squid characters sporting a round, square, or triangle-shaped mask is available. Have fun playing Squid Soccer right away!

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How to play

Use the mouse to control the character.