Basket Random


Basket Random is a great basketball game that sports enthusiasts cannot miss. With fierce matches, it is sure to bring great moments of competition.

A single player or two opponents squaring off can play this basketball game. Each player is represented by two stickmen athletes. Pitchers often occupy position one, while the defense typically occupies position two. The management of your basketball players, though, could be a little challenging. They have long limbs and are shaky on their feet, yet being able to jump very high. Basketball players slam into one another as they race to dunk or retrieve the ball in a comical show of pandemonium. The setting, cast of characters, and wardrobe will vary for each round. Many random and enjoyable basketball games are available on Basket Random. The dunker is a center basketball player. He oversees ball management and shooting. During the game, you must control the dunker's movement around the court in order to steal the ball from them. To score, control the dunker's leap into the air and hurl the ball into the basket. You must perform great slam dunks to earn a high score. Behind the dunker is the defense. He must stop the other team from scoring. In order to restrict your opponent's scoring opportunities, advise the defense to leap or lie down anytime he attempts to toss the ball into the hoop.

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How to play

Player One is controlled by the AWSD keys, while Player Two is controlled by the arrow keys.