Basketball Legend


Basketball Legend is an exciting basketball game for you to try against formidable opponents. Those who love sports, especially basketball, let's play now.

Everyone who likes sports, especially basketball, will enjoy this game. You can compete in tournaments and defeat tough competition if you want to succeed. If you want to play with friends, you can choose between the two game modes of solo play and two-player play. Participating in competitions will help you improve in any case. You might participate in a challenge or join a team. You can defeat your opponents if you maintain your composure while playing. You should also be aware of the super shot bar at the top of the screen because when it is full, you may utilize the special ball from any location on the field. To win and rack up as many points as you can, you must knock the ball past your opponent. To have an edge, always play with good technique, shoot for high scores, and collect rewards. You can create a super shot when you have enough balls, which gives you the best opportunity to score. If you want to collect enough, you must follow the game's rules, move quickly, and shoot exactly where the ball will land. What makes you so stubborn? Play basketball as soon as you can, challenge your rivals, and write the history of the game.

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How to play

Use the flexible mouse to move, and the arrow keys and ASWD keys to make beautiful passes and win.